Terapio TENS Medical Device

What is a Smart TENS Pain Reliever unit (3-in-1 TENS/EMS/MASSAGE ) and what can it do?

The Smart TENS Pain Reliever unit s a medical device that falls into the electrostimulation device category. It provides three basic functions suitable for combined operation:

  1. Electrical stimulation for pain relief (TENS)
  2. Electrical stimulation of muscle regeneration (EMS)
  3. Electrical stimulation for relaxation and massage (FITNESS)

The unit also features two independent stimulation channels and four self-adhesive electrodes. It offers a wide range of functions for increasing general well-being, pain relief, maintaining physical fitness, relaxation, muscle revitalisation and combating tiredness.

TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, relates to the electrical stimulation of the nerves via the skin. TENS is an effective non-pharmacological method of treating various types of pain that have a variety of causes. It has no side-effects if administered correctly. The method has been clinically tested and approved and can be used for simple self-treatment.

The pain-relieving or pain-suppressing effect is achieved by inhibiting the transference of pain to nerve fibres (caused mainly by high-frequency impulses) and by increasing the secretion of endorphins in the body. Their effect on the central nervous system reduces the sensation of pain.

The method is scientifically substantiated and approved as a form of medical treatment. Any symptoms that could be relieved using TENS must be checked by your GP. Your doctor will also give you instructions on how to carry out a TENS self-treatment regime.